Global Payments Automation

Massively reduce manual work

A global solution for automating payments, regardless of ERP or bank.

The module provides payment formats for 75+ banks including ETEBAC, STD18, ACH, SEPA, RIBA , CHAPS and CAPS.

Features of Global Payments Module

Integration & Flexibility

A global payment solution regardless of bank, currency or ERP system

With deep ERP integration we will facilitate the AP subledger and general ledger postings and include all the
payment formats from our Electronic Payments Module. Our software gives companies the ability to run
shared service centres without the need for a common ERP platform. Our integration brings huge efficiencies
and massive cost savings as your company can now employ a single payments platform across multiple sites,
ERP’s and banks.

Financial Control

Full, real time visibility and a complete audit trail.

Cashbook software gives complete visibility on the payment approval process, ensuring excellent workflow. A full historical analysis is instantly available which shows records of amounts and invoices paid for each vendor. A complete audit trail can be generated which includes user profile data, date and time stamps, providing immediate visibility and traceability when required. Auditable security surrounding vendor/employee bank account details.  Cashbook is BACSTEL-IP compliant software.


Global payments is complicated. Let technology do the work!

A complete payment process which takes care of all ERP postings, this module looks directly at unpaid invoices and facilitates the payment of invoices. Posting of AP invoices includes reversal functionality where the ERP system allows it. Cashbook generates both IBAN and non-IBAN payment formats quickly and easily. SEPA compliant payment formats can be configured for SCT. This module seamlessly integrates with Cashbook’s Bank Reconciliation and Automatic Email Remittance modules providing a single platform for all your account payable requirements.

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