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Achieve an unprecedented level of transaction automation with Baan/LN

Cashbook first completed a Baan project in 2006 with Flextronics.

Bolt-on Baan/LN solution

Cashbook have had Baan financial consultants on staff completing integrations who have helped build Baan integration.

Versions Supported

  • Baan 4
  • Baan 4c4
  • Baan 5
  • ERP LN

Functionality & Files

  • Automated Cash Application:
    Cashbook looks directly at ACR200 tables of BAAN to find the open invoices and customer information. All general ledger postings are completed in Cashbook via Batch Transaction Processing using standard BAAN payment posting script calls creating the entries in the ACR200, ACP200 and GLD106 tables as well as updating the multiple CMG tables for cash.
  • Automated Accounts Payable:
    Cashbook looks directly at ACP200 tables of BAAN to find the open invoices and customer information.
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation:
    Cashbook pulls in payment information from ACP200, ACR200 and GLD106 tables. This information is then compared with incoming bank statements that can be automatically uploaded or manually entered. The reconciliation data is all stored within Cashbook files.
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