Computers Unlimited is a leading software provider of cloud computing, integrated solutions and support services to 3 primary markets – Industrial Gas and Welding Supply Distributors, HME Providers, and Hearing & SLP Practices. Their flagship product TIMS – Total Information Management System – includes functionality to manage cylinder assets, order processing, E-commerce, claims processing, reimbursement, denial management and more. For more than 40 years, TIMS software products have helped companies of all sizes run more efficiently and maintain a competitive edge.

Achieve an Unprecedented Level of Transaction Automation with TIMS

As one of Cashbook’s most recent integrations, we are delighted to offer our solution to companies that use TIMS to manage their business. We help businesses achieve incredible levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, Deductions and Collection Management.

A Proven Solution

Cashbook is a proven TIMS compatible solution that’s easily tailored to your company’s needs. It’s quick to implement, works globally, works with all major banks, supports 50+ languages and it is easy to use.

Versions Supported

  • TIMS v8

Functionality and Files

Automated Cash Application

Cashbook maps or copies TIMS customer data from the Customer Ledger, Receipts Header File, A/R Check Details file, Customer Master, Address Book Master, Address By Date, Currency Codes and Currency Exchange Rates. Cashbook imports Bank Lockboxes and Bank Statements (BAI, MT940 and customer remittance sources such as HTML, TXT, EDI, PDF or Excel). With these two data sets in Cashbook, our flexible matching algorithms are used. Users can review the auto-matching and complete the posting back to TIMS using standard TIMS interfaces developed in partnership with Computers Unlimited.

Cashbook is working with clients with 100,000+ customers. We utilize an OCR or Digitization tool to “read” remittances. This solution utilizes machine learning to digitize scanned remittances from bank lockboxes without the need for specific customer templates.

For emails we read every type of email and link the data back to the bank statement. With some of our customers receiving 500 emails per day this is a solution built for high volumes common in both B2B and B2C marketplaces.

Automated Bank Reconciliation

Cashbook extracts the general ledger transactions specifically from the bank account control of TIMS. We effectively replace the functionality of TIMS and clients use Cashbook instead. Having a specific tool for bank reconciliation that is ERP and bank independent ensures greater control and more flexibility. Having invoice level detail in the general ledger means transaction volumes are enormous so Cashbook has built an incredibly powerful matching tool.

Our TIMS Customers

Cashbook have worked with a variety of companies who use TIMS. They come from a variety of sectors, including Energy, Distribution and Oil & Gas. For companies that operate multiple ERPs, they appreciate the added benefits of Cashbook’s cross platform integration. Our TIMS clients include Matheson Tri-Gas, Welders Supply & Gases, ARC3 Gases and Sidney Lee Welding Supply.

Cashbook can help companies with high-volume transactions with tailored software built to streamline and automate financial processes. Find out how you can increase cash flow, eliminate manual processes, reduce DSO, and improve cash visibility. Simply reach out to our team for a call to help you and your business today.

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