Cashbook is currently used at over 140 installed sites around the world and has developed a
strong and loyal install base that spans all industry verticals, market sectors and geographical

Our organization prides itself on being able to quickly understand the needs of our customers
and adapts our product range to meet industry or country specific requirements.
Attached below are examples of customers who range from single-site, single-module
implementations to multi-country, multi-modular enterprise solutions.
Using Cashbook with XA I was able to post 7 days of cash receipts in approximately 5 hours. This definitely met my expectations.

Mike Lewis, XA User
Allied Mineral Products Columbus

The Cashbook software is an excellent
enhancement to the LX package.

Julie Barker
Camloc Motion Control Ltd
We have completed a project with Cashbook
for the automation of bank statements with 10
different countries across Europe.   We have
65 users of the Cashbook product who are
benefiting from automatic bank statement
loading, automatic invoice matching (80%+ in
some countries), automatic bank
reconciliations (94% across Europe).  We have
worked in partnership with Cashbook and
commend their post-implementation support

Kay Schäfer
Director Business Process Improvement Europe  
Exide Technologies
We use Cashbook for automating cash
application through Lockbox files and for
making electronic payments. Cashbook has
worked very well for us since 2005.

Rhonda R. Borgstahl
Financial Manager
Truth Hardware
We love Cashbook. It has made a huge
difference in the amount of time that we have
to spend on cash posting!

Mary Wooden
Financial Services Coordinator
The Cashbook team worked with us in the
deployment of their software.  We had some
specific requirements which they analysed,
developed and deployed.  I would recommend
them highly to companies looking to reconcile
retail bank reconciliations

Jason Smith
Financial Controller

We selected Cashbook because of their
international experience and banking
integration record.  The project achieved all it’s

George Burns
Independent Project Manager

Cashbook has made my life much easier.  I
have all the information I need for reconciling
in one screen.  Can’t speak highly enough
about the companies people and support

Robert Whitlock
Financial Analyst
TGI Friday's UK Ltd
We use Cashbook to automate our bank
statement upload and bank reconciliation
process.  We use them to make electronic
payments across Europe, process Drafts for
France.  The Cashbook team are very
responsive and we’ve found their support to be

Karen Bryant
Formica Group

The Cashbook V5.4 upgrade has further
consolidated our cash management
processes. The application offers enhanced
functionality and more user-friendly navigation.
The Cashbook team are always willing to offer
their expertise and the support they have
provided post-implementation has been

Dave Evans
Formica Group
We found out about Cashbook through our
ERP vendors Infor. They recommended we
take a look at their project to extend the
capabilities of LX in terms of banking
integration. The people at Cashbook were very
helpful in getting us live on LX v8.3.4 and I am
delighted to say they kept exactly to their
budget. I would recommend them highly to
other companies using BPCS or LX.

David Sproston,
Financial Controller
Portmeirion Group UK Limited
We are very pleased to have automated our
cash application process and found the team
from Cashbook very responsive

Dianne Anderson - Financial Accountant
Petzl America
We use Cashbook to auto-match data from
multiple bank statements in our Shared Service
Center. I’ve found Cashbook’s product and
customer support to be excellent. Cashbook
has done great work on our bank statement
automation in terms of auto-matching invoices
directly from our MT940 file. They have done
this work for our Shared Service Center in
Switzerland from multiple countries.

Richard Feltham - Application Consultant
Dentsply International Inc
We use Cashbook for automating cash
application. I’ve found Cashbook’s support is
always quick and thorough! They have a great
team with excellent skills.

Boyd Funk - IT Customer Service Manager, Atlas
Copco Business Services IT
The new version of Cashbook is really an
improvement to the old Cashbook...
It is a user friendly product.

Margreet Peverelli – Cashbook User, Skiffy BV
With the assistance of Cashbook, we have
been able to reduce the amount of time it takes
to apply cash by 50%

Karen Snyder, Cash Application Supervisor, Exide
Cashbook have provided us with the tools to
effectively record and reconcile centrally all
cash movement within the Bridgestone Group.
In our company the volume of cash
transactions is huge so it is vital that we can
easily distinguish different types of
transactions at the 60+ retail outlets and batch
transactions to allow for effortless
reconciliation at Head Office. Cashbook has
allowed us to do just that.

Cashbook has given us much greater visibility
of where our cash comes from and where our
cash is going to which is always an enormous
advantage for a business of our size and

Yvonne Pondes, Financial Business Anaylst,
Bridgestone, New Zealand
Slashed our AP processing costs by 75%.

Charles Greene, Manager of Information Systems,
Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems, USA - Customer
since 2001  
Autobar have implemented Cashbook solutions
in approximately 18 sites across Europe. We
have found their team of consultants to be
diligent and effective in implementing their

Richard Larter, IT Director, Autobar Group, EMEA -
Customer since 1999
This will be a big time saver for our business.
In addition to the product installed, we
appreciate the continued product support
afterwards in working through minor issues that
cropped up. Thanks again for your help.

Rene Stasiak, AR Controller,Atlas Copco CMT USA
- Customer since 2005
We have been working with the Benelux
Cashbook product since 1998. We believe it is
a very stable product which does not require a
lot of support.

Carlos Vandersteen, Finance Manager, Sumitomo
Bakelite Europe,  Belgium - Customer since 1998
The project leaders and system
implementation specialist were very helpful and
knowledgeable. Few follow-up questions were

Judy Schreffler, Vendor Process Manager, Dentsply
International Pennsylvania, USA - Customer since
We use Cashbook for the BACSTEL-IP
component.  We are running SAP and like the
reliability of Cashbook-IP and the company's

David Whiting, Financial Controller - John Crane UK
Cashbook has served us very well for over 10
years for Direct Debit Collections and Cash

Dale Bond, Business Analyst, Multipart - Customer
for over 10 years
Board of Direrctors
Sales Team
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We use Cashbook to auto-match data
from multiple bank statements in our
Shared Service Center. I’ve found
Cashbook’s product and customer
support to be excellent.

Richard Feltham - Application Consultant
Dentsply International Inc