With the assistance of Cashbook, we
have been able to reduce the amount of
time it takes to apply cash by 50%.

Karen Snyder, Cash Application Supervisor,
Exide Technologies
Cash Manager contains all cash ledger balances and bank balances in a configurable and
easy to read format. These balances are updated constantly by new journals in Cashbook, in
your ERP System and newly uploaded bank information.

Tracking cash receipts and cash payments on a daily basis is also possible using Cashbook
transaction types. This gives vital cash forecasting information to Controllers which is especially
useful when cash sweeps are in place and the bank account balances are always zero.

Cash Manager can be used by Finance & Treasury Controllers for overviewing cash balances
across countries, banks and currencies.

This module is of particular importance for centralised operations that need to report on activities
across multiple locations, including remote sites and international subsidiaries.


  • Cash Manager reads all the information available from the ERP System, Cashbook itself
    and your bank statements, and centralises this information into one portal
  • Information can be summarised by currency, by bank, by country, and by legal entity. The
    information is real-time, reflecting the latest changes on your ledger or the latest bank
    statement uploads
  • Track and data export using Excel downloads the transactional balances.
  • Drill-down on transactions
  • Segregation of transactions using codes such as REC for external customer receipts and
    RECINT for Receipts from an Inter-Company source
  • Configurable transaction codes for specific customised deployment
  • Multiple Banks: Getting a true financial picture of where your cash is with multiple banks
    spread out across multiple companies is a Financial Controller’s worst-case scenario. The
    Dashboard solution interfaces with over 60 different banks and we can view bank account
    information from a variety of bank sources
  • Multiple Cash Ledgers: With multiple ERP solutions for a single entity it is extremely difficult
    to get a truly integrated cash position. The Dashboard interrogates core data from multiple
    ERP Systems and provides instantaneous and accurate information directly from each


ROI will be specific to your business but having accurate cash information for your CEO or Board
of Directors is crucial. In summary:

  • Avoids prohibitive, inflexible proprietary ERP solutions which may not meet your
    requirements out of the box
  • Avoids Excel spreadsheets that require constant updating and consolidating of data that is
    quickly out-of-date
  • A platform independent Manager solution that interfaces with all banks and all ERP
  • See and trend your different types of cash receipts and payment for better cash
  • Better cash forecasting means less borrowing costs and an instant ROI
  • Better cash control savings means better decisions, reduced finance costs and a leaner

How Much do You Value Accurate Cash Information?

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