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Direct Debit Management Software

Near total automation of Direct Debit creation, request and payment

Let technology do the work!

Featuring extensive intelligence to reduce manual processing, speed up processing time and improve your average Days Sales Outstanding score.

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Features of Direct Debit Software Module

ERP & Bank Integration

Automation made possible by Cashbook’s deep banking and ERP integrations

Integrates with all standard ERP AR data and with Email Remittances, Bank Reconciliation, Bacstel-IP, SEPA and Benelux Processing. Caters for all bank interface requirements.

Intelligence & Automation

Caters for an array of Direct Debit processing requirements and maximises automation

This module facilitates automatic updates to A/R and G/L once collections are completed. It creates a direct debits file based on either invoice due date or discount due date. Multiple collection contracts are possible per customer and invoices/customers can be de-selected based upon specific customer requests. Advanced functionality enables   collection of invoices based upon instalments. For customers who require pre-approval before collections are carried out, there is a pre-authorisation function. The module is configurable for different collection periods and phases.

Financial Control

Enables tighter control all direct debit processing and payments

This module enables a more efficient business process, allowing you to have more control over the collections cycle. For example, it includes a dishonour function for failed collections (reversing A/R and G/L entries) for chosen customers. Expect to improve cash forecasting accuracy based on predictable, quantifiable planned collection dates and amounts.

Meet AUDDIS Compliance

Ensures BACS users can instantly meet AUDDIS originator requirements

Cashbook direct debit automation software enables BACS users to meet key AUDDIS originator requirements including:

  • Submission of a test AUDDIS file to BACS containing genuine bank details and at least 3 records of each AUDDIS transaction code 0N & 0C (zero N & C).
  • Converts all current DDI files to AUDDIS.
  • Transmits a DDI to the paying bank using  transaction code ‘0N’ within 10 working days of the customer signing the DDI.
  • Once an AUDDIS user, all future DDI’s can be submitted via AUDDIS.

Automated cash application, global payments & reconciliation.


Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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