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Intelligence & configurability

Automate factoring batches of customers or invoices to your factoring provider.

Let technology do the work!

Configure your factoring requirements and Cashbook’s intelligent factoring software module will take care of the rest

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Features of Factoring Software Module


Integrates with all factoring providers

Multiple sites, environments or ERP systems can be catered for. Integrates with our Bank Statement, Lockbox and Remittance modules. Has the flexibility to adapt for any factoring institution globally.

Intelligence & Automation

The features and intelligence to streamline your factoring

Expect a flexible posting process for all factoring stages. The Factored Batches & Factored Invoices section of this module allows users to view all factored invoices in one place. It has the ability to store factored invoices by date, invoice or other information. Export factored invoices to excel by customer, date or invoice. Un-factor individual invoices that are deemed unrecoverable by the factoring agent. Caters for partial payments, credit/debit notes, unallocated payments, multiple discount terms, foreign exchange gain or losses, automatic write-offs, bank charges, suspense account postings. Facilitates 100% auto-matching for bank reconciliation through auto-stamping of transactions.

Financial Control

Reduce margin for error, increase speed of payments and more easily manage factoring

Smoother approval process, ensures excellent workflow. Excellent control information to facilitate better credit control. Control features include: extensive security and company controls and a robust report and audit facility. Ensures all cash application whether done through bank statements, lockbox’s or factoring is completed in one central location. Historical records are held for amounts factored. Reports on all factored batches and invoices.

TGI Fridays

75% auto match rates on bank accounts


Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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