Run Global Payments from one location across multiple payment banks, accounts and ERP
platforms or environments. This module is a revolutionary approach to Shared Service Centers
and can save millions on IT expenditure to create a common ERP/IT architecture across

Start by running a payment selection for a specific date across all open invoices across
multiple ERPs, Environments and Companies. This payment selection creates multiple open
journals for each environment, region, company and payment account.

Treasury can review payment amounts and then transmit payment files to whatever
bank(s) that is in use. Finally all invoices are updated in their originating ERP systems closing the
accounts payable sub ledger and creating the necessary general ledger entries.


  • Visibility on Approval process, ensures excellent workflow
  • Can be adapted for any Bank globally. Over 100 payment formats have been written
  • Standard payment process no matter what bank/currency or ERP system you are using
  • BACSTEL-IP compliant software
  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) & non-IBAN payment formats can be generated
  • Can include cheque printing in the payment process
  • SEPA compliant payment formats for SCT
  • Complete audit trail and traceability of all payments
  • Auditable security surrounding vendor/employee bank account details
  • Integrated with Cashbook Bank Reconciliation Module & Automatic Email Remittance
  • Multiple sites, environments or ERP systems can be catered for
  • Posting of AP invoices includes reversal functionality where the ERP system allows it
  • Recording amounts and invoices paid for each Vendor for historical analysis
  • JDBC access to multiple ERP systems either directly integrating with system data or via
    staging databases


  • Creates the ability to run Shared Service Centers without the need for a common ERP
    platform or version updates
  • Global companies can employ a global solution for all sites across multiple banks
  • Automated processing of data reduces manual entry and consequently reduces the
    possibility of fraud and increases financial control
  • Elimination of manual effort allows companies to allocate more staff time to other higher-
    value activities
  • Complete payment process takes care of ERP postings

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Pay Invoices Across Multiple Companies and Currencies

Global Payments

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