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An unprecedented level of Cash Allocation Automation - up to 98%!

Why spend time processing high volume, repetitive Cash Allocation transactions? Automate and re-allocate resource to higher value activities such as DSO reduction and deduction resolutions.

Regardless of your ERP or bank, Cashbook is proven to save time and money by eliminating the need to divert resources to manual cash allocation. Streamline your process, reduce manual work, re-allocate resource, increase customer satisfaction and improve organisational productivity.


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How to reduce cash application
time by >50%.

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How BPCS users are automating
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Streamline the Cash Allocation Process

Cash Allocation is often a manual, time consuming task that exhausts company resources. Unfortunately, It’s also a key business task that needs to be carried out accurately. Often, high volumes of transactions, poor bank data, multiple payment types or a general lack of information makes an already challenging task even more difficult and cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be this way. Cashbook’s Cash Allocation Automation Software streamlines the process.

  • We automate cash allocation from start to finish, working in unison with your ERP system, your bank and your customers.
  • We have the capability to auto-upload bank statements and supplement that information with customer remittance data no matter what format that is delivered. 
  • We can read Inter-Company payments, PDF remittances, EDI files, Excel, Paper remittances data and use our flexible auto-matching tools to provide a comprehensive cash allocation process that can be deployed globally. 
  • Having a linked cash allocation and bank reconciliation process will provide new levels of automation that will be a paradigm shift for your finance department.









Step out of the conversation – let technology do the work
Maximise automation

Achieving the highest levels of
AR, AP & Bank Rec automation
in the market today.

New capabilities

The capability and features to
empower your finance department
like never before, regardless of ERP.

Tighter control

A deeper, fuller, more accurate,
real time picture. Naturally
improved cash management.


Whatever your ERP we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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